Medication Management for Seniors

Seniors consume a lot of medicine. Medication management is a critical aspect of caring for seniors. Wrong dosage is common and can be life-threatening. Caregivers should ensure that a proper system is in place and the medicines are organized and stored properly to reduce the risk of wrong or overdosage or adverse reactions. We share a few tips on medicine management for seniors and their caregivers.

How to Manage and Care for Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious common disease among seniors. It can profoundly impact a senior’s quality of life and requires changes in diet, regular exercise, medication and monitoring to manage. However, with proper care and discipline, its risks can be mitigated and the quality of life maintained. Here we share a few tips for managing diabetes for seniors.

Things to consider before hiring a live-in caregiver

The care needs for seniors may become more complex with age, while their families juggle jobs, commitments and care for their own children. The families may decide on hiring a live-in caregiver for respite. However, hiring a live-in caregiver can be challenging. Here are a few tips on what to do.

Why live-in care can be a better alternative to assisted living facilities?

Home care are an alternate to assisted living facilities. Live-in home care for the elderly are reliable and effective methods for providing personalized and dedicated care for the senior loved one.

Common Home Safety Hazards and How to Fix Them

Common safety hazards at home risk the life of aged adults which are easily preventable. Potential hazards at home can be avoided with a live-in caregiver and properly proofing the house.

How to Manage and Care for Arthritis

Home care for arthritis makes sure that the elderly loved one is aging at home and living an independent but supported lifestyle. Live-in home care for arthritis is an affordable way of managing and caring for loved ones suffering from this medical condition.

7 tips to prevent falls among seniors

Falls among seniors can be lethal. It is important for seniors and their families to educate themselves about fall risks and tips to prevent falls. The tips to prevent falls can be as simple as removing hazards in seniors‘ homes, a healthy diet, exercise, rest, assistive devices and regular medical exams. A professional live-in caregiver can help families assess the fall risks in the home and help implement tips to prevent falls for elderly safety.

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