10 Warning Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

Signs of Parkinson’s disease in the elderly may go undetected or unnoticed, and are often dismissed as signs of old age. Symptoms like loss of appetite, constipation, and memory loss can be confused for other disorders. We outline key signs of Parkinson’s disease and emphasize the importance of early detection.

The Effects of Aging on the Digestive System

The digestive or gastrointestinal system slows down with age. Seniors may report having trouble swallowing, irritation in their gut, and may have prolonged constipation. We consider how age-related factors effect the gastrointestinal system, and best practices to offset issues in digestion.

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Old Age

Hair loss is common among seniors. Yet, taking proactive steps by maintaining a healthy diet, using high quality hair products, and creating a regular hair care routine can help prevent hair loss in the elderly. We discuss key prevention techniques in depth and outline the many age-related factors that cause hair loss.

Cardiovascular Exercises for Seniors

Seniors may experience heart problems as they get older. Cardiovascular exercises improve blood flow to the muscles and reduce blood sugar levels, allowing seniors to lead healthier lives. We outline the benefits of cardiovascular health and share a few easy cardio exercises.

How to Build a Trusting Patient-Caregiver Relationship

It can be difficult to communicate with elderly clients when a foundation of trust has yet to be built. Clients are more likely to speak freely about their concerns when they feel that they can trust their caregiver. We share a few simple tips to help caregivers build trusting relationships with their clients.

How to Help Seniors Deal with Loss

As we get older, we are more likely to experience loss. The sudden passing of close friends and family is stressful for seniors, and can cause feelings of depression and dread. We outline key symptoms of grief in seniors and offer tips to help families support their mourning loved ones.

How to Maintain Good Oral Health for Seniors

Tooth decay and oral bacterial infections are more common among seniors due to underlying health conditions. Yet, there are preventative measures older adults can take to maintain good oral health. We outline a few best dental health practices for seniors.

How to Fall-Proof Your Home for Seniors

Older adults are more susceptible to falls and can sustain serious injuries from lack of supports. Fall-proofing your loved ones’ home can prevent them from sustaining serious fall-related injuries. We outline a few quick tips families can implement to adequately fall proof a senior’s home.

10 Most Common Fears of Aging Adults

Aging adults may feel uncertain about their future. Poor financial planning, deteriorating health, and lack of companionship are some of the most common fears of aging adults. We consider such concerns in depth and offer tips to help families talk to their loved ones about their fears of aging.

Understanding Seniors’ Home Safety Tax Credit

Canada’s Seniors’ Home Safety Tax Credit allows families to make homes safer for their aging loved ones. This would grant older adults the ability to stay in their homes longer and in close proximity to loved ones. We review the criteria for the tax credit and help determine eligibility.

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