COVID 19 measures

Client and caregiver safety is our top priority

Covid 19 Measures for Safety

At ConsidraCare we are committed to keeping our clients, caregivers and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are implementing this by providing strict covid-19 measures in cities around Ontario region which includes vaccination, guidance for families and implementation of daily safety and hygiene protocols through the task list in our caregiver app.

ConsidraCare Covid 19 Measure

Minimizing Contact

We have shifted our recruiting and interviewing process to fully digital to avoid contact between the staff and the caregivers. We are also encouraging longer caregiver contracts to minimize the number of handovers. Should a family choose to interview a caregiver in person, we recommend that they meet outdoors, if the weather permits, and follow strict safety protocols during the meetings.

Communication and Education

We regularly share the latest government guidelines consisting of Covid-19 public health care measures and health advice with the families and caregivers through our newsletters and monthly touchpoints.

Testing and Vaccination

All of our staff and approved caregivers need to have up-to-date vaccination records, including for COVID-19. All caregivers are required to have a COVID-19 test before beginning a placement.

Orientation and Daily Tasks

Considracare provides Covid-19 measures to clients, caregivers, and staff in-service areas around Ontario.

Recommendations for Caregivers

Cover Face

Use a fresh mask when you leave the home or interact with someone not from the household.

Wash Hands

Wash your hands regularly, before and after meal preparation, after using the washroom, after cleaning, before and after providing personal care, or when your hands get dirty, for at least 20 seconds following the recommended hand washing guidelines.

Follow Respiratory/Coughing Etiquettes

Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, and dispose of it immediately followed by washing your hands. If any respiratory conditions persist, contact health surfaces. Educate the loved one and the family members on the same.


Sanitize all regularly used hard surfaces using disinfectants and recommended cleaners.

Recommendations for Families

Follow All Hygiene and Social Guidelines

Follow all hygiene and social guidelines from the government health services. Seniors are the most vulnerable demographic in the pandemic, and require maximum caution.

Buy Online

Arrange for online groceries and prescriptions to avoid trips to shops and pharmacies and minimize exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

Stay Connected

Replace personal contact with telephone and video calls so not to socially-isolate your loved one. Increase your communications with the caregiver to stay up-to-date on your loved-one and caregivers situation and well-being.

Get Them Tested

If your loved one, any member of the household or the caregiver show any symptoms, no matter how small, get them tested immediately and follow all recommended isolation protocols.

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