Financing options
for home care

Bloom and ConsidraCare make it easy to access the wealth in your home to pay for the care you need.

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The Smart Way to Fund
Home Care Services

If you’re looking for a smart way to fund home care services, the answer is close to home. Bloom and ConsidraCare have teamed up to create a partnership to help seniors in the GTA remain independent at home while making home care more affordable. By accessing some of your home equity you can remain in the home you love and get the care that you deserve.


Bloom is a Canadian company that offers reverse mortgages to senior homeowners, so they have the independence to age-in-place with the ability to pay for in-home care.

ConsidraCare offers affordable and high-quality home care services for seniors in the comfort and familiarity of their homes.

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If you’re located in the Greater Toronto Area or Hamilton, you may be eligible.

Bloom Reverse MortgageTM

A Bloom Reverse Mortgage TM allows seniors to stay in their home while getting care and services that promote healthy aging. Proceeds from a reverse mortgage can be used to pay for other wellness services as well as important home upgrades to make your home safer and more accessible over time.

With most seniors in the Greater Toronto Area wishing to age-in-place, this partnership makes it more affordable to achieve that goal. If you’re over 55+ and own your own home, you could qualify.

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