A better alternative to assisted living facilities

ConsidraCare arranges high-quality, dependable and affordable live-in care to help seniors age in the safety, comfort and dignity of their homes.

Why choose ConsidraCare’s live-in care service?

Affordable and high-quality

Affordable and high-quality

We deliver exceptional quality care through dedicated caregivers, faster caregiver placement and personalized care plans, at 30% less than the cost of a traditional agency or care facility.

peace of mind

Peace of mind

We screen caregivers through a multi-step interview and backgroud check process, and match them with your loved one's care needs. We onboard less than 2% of the applicants.

you are in control

Families are always in control

Families choose who to hire, get a trial period without long-term commitments and monitor and engage with caregivers through our smart platform.

We have your back

We have your back

We assist with hiring, planning of care and daily tasks, payroll, taxes, WSIB, backup care and more. We are always on hand to help.

Live-in care may be the best option for you or your loved one

Simple, straight-forward and transparent pricing

Simple Care

$990 / week
(for 40 hours / week. All inclusive.)

Simple Care Includes
Light housekeeping
Personal care (dressing & grooming)
Meal preparation

Recommended for
Seniors with non-chronic medical conditions who require companionship and help with household tasks around the clock

Complex Care

$1,050 / week
(for 40 hours / week. All inclusive.)

Complex Care Includes
Everything in Simple Care
Mobility assistance and hoisting
Bathing & incontinence assistance
Help with devices (e.g. PEG)

Recommended for
Seniors with dementia, challenging behaviours or other life impacting chronic conditions

Included Services

Caregiver matching and placement

Payroll and taxes

Caregiver backup and replacement

Care planning and support for families

Care planning and delivery app

Training and support for caregivers

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What our clients say

Hawley J., Brampton
Hawley J., Brampton
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What a wonderful service. Before surgery, I contacted them to establish a tentative plan for how I could use their service. Everything is so easy and pleasant and efficient when one deals with them. Quite a wonderful experience - I feel I certainly lucked in when I found out about the service. It is the very best !!!!
Dionne D., Mississauga
Dionne D., Mississauga
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Great service from the caregiver provided.
Jo-Anne B., Mississauga
Jo-Anne B., Mississauga
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From the initial interview, I was impressed by the professionalism, ethics, organization & compassion that was demonstrated by Saba & the clinical director. Services were implemented without delay, workers were professional, interested, caring & kind. The flexibility shown in supporting me, bridging gaps, was invaluable. Highly recommended agency & team.

Age in Place with High Quality and Affordable Live-in Care You Can Depend On

Our caregivers perform many duties


Light housekeeping

Help with dressing

Personal hygiene

Meal preparation

Medication reminders

Help with mobility


Emergency response

What makes us different

High Standards of Care

Exceptional standards of care

Only 2% of the caregivers make it through our 4-stage interviewing and vetting process. We implement proven best care practices once a caregiver is placed.

State-of-the-art Digital Tools

State-of-the-art digital tools

Our smart digital tools to help caregivers plan and deliver care and activities of daily living, and give families visibility to the care environment in real-time.

Caregiver Backup and Support

Caregiver backup and support

We provide backups for caregivers' vacations. and respite. Caregivers get access to support and free ongoing training through our online university.

How ConsidraCare works

ConsidraCare places dedicated live-in care professionals in the homes of seniors , and provides their families and caregivers with a state-of-the art-platform to support collaboration, increase visibility and improve the delivery of care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Live-in care is provided by a full-time professional caregiver living in your loved one’s own home. The caregiver helps with everything from personal care to household tasks. Families have to  provide the caregiver with a separate private room with the same standard of accommodation as a rental room.

ConsidraCare maintains a pool of prescreened and experienced caregivers. Our client care experts first discuss your care needs with you and your family members and develop a complementary live-in care plan. We will then select caregivers from our available pools of approved  caregivers who best meet your needs and provide you with their resumes and short video introductions. You and your family members will interview the caregivers you shortlist. Once you and your family have made a choice, your caregiver will arrive on a designated date and time for a one week trial and will continue to provide care if you are satisfied.

All of ConsidraCare’s caregivers go through a rigorous screening process including interviews, background and vulnerability sector checks and onboarding training. 

Currently there are two agency models common in Canada for in-home caregiving.

1) Hourly agencies have employees on their own payroll which they provide to clients for shifts ranging from a minimum of 3 to 24 hours , typically at $30 – $35 per hour. Although hourly agencies provide superior quality of care, are involved in care-planning and free families from the hassle of caregiver employment and payroll , they are expensive,  cannot guarantee the same caregiver every time, and have to deal with caregiver punctuality and churn. 40 hours of weekly care with a typical agency can cost as much as $6,500 per month (including HST & GST). To agencies take almost 50% of this to cover their overheads, resulting in low caregiver wages.

2) Placement agencies help recruit caregivers, typically from abroad. Although lower in cost, these agencies do not typically get involved in caregiving and caregiver management, cannot guarantee caregiver retention for more than a few months, and have long placement cycles, specially for overseas caregivers which can take months. Most agencies charge 15% – 20% of a caregiver’s annual wage as a one time placement fee.

ConsidraCare uses an innovative business model, supported by a state of the art technology platform to combine the best aspects of the above two models. 

The caregiver will be your employee. However, ConsidraCare will provide a platform to your caregiver and your family members to manage your care. Our app and team will support:

  • Caregiver screening and hiring
  • Providing guidance on the terms of the employment agreement between you and your caregiver
  • Updating the care plan of your loved at least once a month
  • Scheduling and monitoring completion of daily caregiving tasks
  • Arranging for backup care if your caregiver gets sick or needs to take a leave
  • Taking care of your caregiver’s payroll
  • Providing the caregiver training and guidance through our online university

Unlike placement agencies, we do not charge an upfront placement fee, but only charge a  18% management fee on caregiver wages. We do not recruit caregivers from abroad which makes it easier to deploy, replace and provide backup and respite for caregivers.  We are managed by a seasoned team with decades of experience in healthcare and homecare experience, not corporate executives and millenials interested in hustles and exits. We do not believe that technology can replace human interactions and only use it to enhance not replace personal care. Lastly, we are a social enterprise committed to helping seniors stay in home and caregivers earn fair wages. We are a family owned business,  not backed by profit-motivated corporations or venture capitalist and not interested in sacrificing quality for growth.

We expect families to pay between $ 18 – $19 per hour for most of the caregivers placed by ConsidraCare. Extremely complex care may require higher wages. With an approximate statutory cost of 14% for CPP, EI, WSIB and vacation allowance, and 15% management fee for ConsidraCare services, we expect the cost for 40 hours of care per week to be between $950 – $1,150 per week or $4,350  or $4,550 per month.

This is significantly less than the cost of a typical hourly agency, which can charge $1,300 – $1,600 per week or $6,000 – $7,000 per month for 40 hours of care per week.

At private retirement homes, full-time personal care (beyond basic service) is usually an add-on.  The total cost for a private suite and dedicated care on the assisted levels of a retirement residence can be as much as $9,500 per month, possibly more.


No, ConsidraCare’s caregivers are Canadian nationals or PR holders already living in and entitled to work in Canada.

We are tapping into the pool of the 400,000+ professional caregivers available across Canada to provide them with better and fair employment opportunities. 

Not hiring caregivers from abroad ensures faster arrangement of care and better peace of mind for the families.

ConsidraCare believes that the best way to assure quality of care is to start with experienced and well qualified caregivers who are closely matched with families’ requirements. We use the same rigorous process used by the largest hourly agencies to vet the caregivers for our pool and provide guidance to families on how to interview and select caregivers.

Our caregivers deliver 1:1 care to your loved ones for more than 80% of the time, unlike constant caregiver switchovers elsewhere, ensuring consistency of care and strong bonding between caregivers and families.

Our app then empowers the caregiver and families to implement high standards of care in the loved-one’s home through collaborative care plan development, ensuring quality assurance tasks are combined with tasks related to activities of daily living,  and maintaining a constant dialogue between caregivers and families. We also provide tools to caregivers to enhance their skills and manage stress, and ensure regular breaks with prearranged backup,  all of which have been proven to improve quality of care in a home care setting.

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