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We promise peace of mind for you and the best quality live-in and live-out senior home care and nursing care for your loved ones in the comfort and familiarity of their homes.

Catalina Popa
Catalina Popa
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They took care of me after my surgery and I was really happy with their kindess and care.
Paul Kirvan
Paul Kirvan
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I will definetly recommend their services to all prospective clients.
Mark G, Toronto
Mark G, Toronto
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We have been very happy with the service and would highly recommend ConsidraCare to any one who would like to continue to stay in their own home with uncomplicated assistance.
Margaret Johnston
Margaret Johnston
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I have peace of mind knowing the best is yet to come with ConsidraCare!
Maisa Hossain
Maisa Hossain
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I recommended them to my other family members as this company is truly dedicated and makes it all about their clients.
K. H., Port Credit
K. H., Port Credit
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What stands out to us is the clear desire the team at ConsidraCare have in improving their offering and listening to our feedback and working to meet our specific needs.
Darryl C, Burlington
Darryl C, Burlington
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It’s a difficult decision to bring outside care into the home of our parents and to win over them…ConsidraCare did it with ease.

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Why choose ConsidraCare's senior home care?

Affordable high-quality in-home care for seniors

Our cutting edge platform ensures best matches between seniors and caregivers and allows us to offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

Caregivers you can trust

Our nurses, PSWs and caregivers go through rigorous multi-stage screening and vetting, and are fully vaccinated and insured. We constantly train our caregivers so they can deliver highest quality care.

How does ConsidraCare's senior home care work

You are always in the loop

Our technology monitors caregivers arrivals and departures and updates you in real-time on scheduling, care delivery and your loved one’s health.

We always have your back

We are always on hand, in person, to advise on all matters related to care of your loved one. Our technology empowers not replaces humans.

In-home care and nursing may be the best option for your senior care needs

Trusted by physicians

ConsidraCare is a reliable partner in health care, delivering unwavering quality of care with heartfelt compassion.

Dr. Adam Kayumi

North Medafix Clinic, Mississauga, Ontario

Simple, straight-forward and transparent pricing

New Client Offer:

Only $33.99 / hour for the first month

Hourly PSW Care


Starting at
$33.99 / hour*

Recommended for
Seniors with non-chronic medical conditions requiring help only for a few hours or days in a week.

* $36.99/hour after the first month

Live-In Care

Starting at
$1,160 / week

Recommended for
Seniors with life-impacting chronic conditions requiring constant monitoring and assistance in daily tasks

Skilled Nursing Care

Starting at
$53.99 / hour

Recommended for
Seniors with chronic and serious health issues in need for personal medical care in their homes

No hidden costs, long-term contracts or upfront placement fees.

  Live-In Care
(PSW Only)
Hourly Care
(Nursing & PSW)
Caregiver matching and placement Check Check
Dedicated live-in caregiver Check  
Care planning and support for families Check Check
Client portal to monitor care plan and tasks Check Check
App to assist caregivers Check Check
Payroll and WSIB setup and processing Check  

Or call us on 1-855-410-7971 to get an instant quote


We Offer Nursing and PSW Staffing Services to Retirement Homes

Starting from $33.99 /hour

Our caregivers are the heart and soul of what we do.

Our Caregivers and Nurses perform many duties


Light housekeeping

Help with dressing

Personal hygiene

Meal preparation

Medication reminders

Help with mobility


Emergency response

Case Management

Medicine Administration

Oxygen Therapy

Taking Vitals

Private Home Care for Seniors

Assisting with Medical Equipemnt

Wound Care

Mobility Training

Pain and symptom management

IV Therapy/ Injections

How does ConsidraCare's senior home care work

ConsidraCare places thoroughly vetted and matched professionals within the homes of seniors, and provides their families and caregivers with a state-of-the-art-platform to improve collaboration, increase visibility and improve the delivery of care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Senior home care allows seniors to age in place instead of moving to a residential care facility and is provided in their homes by professional caregivers. It can also provide respite to family caregivers.

Care can include bathing, helping with mobility, meal preparation, transportation, medication and exercise reminders, light housekeeping, companionship, and more. It does not cover medical treatments.

Depending on a senior’s needs, a caregiver may visit on some days a week for a few hours (referred to as live-out or hourly care) or live in the senior’s home to provide live-in care around the clock.

Live-in care is provided by a full-time professional caregiver living in your loved one’s own home.


The caregiver helps with everything from personal care to household tasks. Families have to provide the live-in caregiver with a separate private room with the same standard of accommodation as a rental room.

ConsidraCare maintains a pool of hundreds of prescreened and experienced caregivers. Our client care experts first discuss your elderly care needs with you and your family members and develop a complementary senior care plan. 


If the senior needs only a few hours of care a day, we provide matched caregivers from the pool of our own bonded, insured and experienced employees. We take care of their scheduling and monitor them constantly during care delivery.


If the senior has more complex needs which required a caregiver living in with them to provide 24×7 care we help the families interview and hire caregivers directly from our pool as it is more cost-effective. However, we take care of all the hassle of hiring and setting up and running the payroll. Once you and your family have made a choice, your live-in caregiver will arrive on a designated date and start providing elderly care as per our care plan.


All of ConsidraCare’s caregivers go through a rigorous screening process including interviews, background and vulnerability sector checks and onboarding training. 

ConsidraCare uses a custom-built, state-of-the-art platform to screen and match caregivers with our clients and keep families updated in real-time on the care delivery of their loved ones. The automation in our platform allows us to deliver care at 20 – 30% below the average industry rates. 


We are very selective and only 6% of our applicants make it to the interviews. Our caregivers undergo constant training to ensure they deliver the best possible care to their clients.


We are a physician and female-led organization which enables us to get a deeper understanding of the care needs of our clients and advocate for them with their primary healthcare providers.

For hourly care, we charge $36.99 per hour for care for a single client. This does not include taxes. Most clients receiving care from a government agency may be exempt from paying HST on hourly care received from private agencies.

For live-in caregivers, families can save significantly if they opt to become the employer of the caregiver. We take care of all the hassle of screening, interviewing and hiring the caregiver on the client’s behalf in addition to setting up and running taxes,  WSIB, payroll, CPP and EI remittances and salary transfer to the caregiver, for which we charge a 20% flat fee. A live-in caregiver will need a free private room and a meal allowance. Most clients should expect to pay around $1,160 per week or $29 per hour under this arrangement, all-inclusive.

We expect families to pay between $20 to $21 per hour for most of the live-in caregivers placed by ConsidraCare. An extremely complex senior care plan, or care for a couple, may require higher wages. With an approximate statutory cost of 14% for CPP, EI, WSIB and vacation allowance, and 20% management fee for ConsidraCare services, we expect the cost for 40 hours of senior care per week to be between $1,100 – $1,160 per week or $4,600  or $4,900 per month, all-inclusive.

This is significantly less than the cost of a typical hourly agency, which can charge $1,400 – $1,700 per week or $6,000 – $7,200 per month for 40 hours of senior care per week.

In private retirement homes, full-time personal senior care (beyond basic elderly care service) is usually an add-on.  The total cost for a private suite and dedicated elderly care on the assisted levels of a retirement residence can be as much as $9,500 per month, possibly more.

Although long-term care may be the best option for seniors who need complex medical care, for most home care may be the best option. It also comes with the benefits of safety, independence, flexibility and familiarity for the senior.


In private retirement homes, full-time personal senior care (beyond basic elderly care service) is usually an add-on.  The total cost for a private suite and dedicated elderly care on the assisted levels of a retirement residence can be as much as $9,500 per month, possibly more.


ConsidraCare’s live-in care, delivered through a dedicated live-in caregiver, living with the senior and providing 8 hours of support per day, at around $4,500 per month, costs almost 50% compared to similar care at a private long-term care facility. 

No,  ConsidraCare’s caregivers are Canadian nationals or PR holders already living in and entitled to work in Canada.


We are tapping into the pool of the 400,000+ professional caregivers available across Canada to provide them with better and fair employment opportunities. 


Not hiring caregivers from abroad ensures faster arrangement of care and better peace of mind for the families.

ConsidraCare believes that the best way to assure the quality of elderly care is to start with experienced and well-qualified caregivers who are closely matched with the families’ senior care requirements.

We use a rigorous process based on our experience and industry best practices to vet the caregivers for our pool and provide guidance to families on how to interview and select caregivers.

We try to make sure that care is delivered by the same caregiver, as much as possible, to ensure consistency of in-home senior care and strong bonding between the caregivers and families.

Our caregiver app and client app then empowers the caregiver and families to implement high standards of elderly care in the loved one’s home through collaborative senior care plan development, ensuring quality assurance tasks are combined with tasks related to activities of daily living,  and maintaining a constant dialogue between caregivers and families.

We also provide tools to caregivers to enhance their skills and manage stress, and ensure regular breaks with prearranged backup,  all of which have been proven to improve the quality of elderly care in a home care setting.

Our Services

We offer our hourly and live-in home care for seniors in many cities across Ontario. Call us to check if we are available in yours.

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