Senior Home Care St Catharines

Finding quality senior home care in St. Catharines is easy with ConsidraCare.

Our caregivers help seniors with the following:


Light housekeeping

Help with dressing

Personal hygiene

Meal preparation

Medication reminders

Help with mobility


Emergency response

Senior home care in St. Catharines promotes independence

Seniors want to be able to stay mobile and independent within their own homes. With senior home care, aging adults in St. Catharines are able to benefit from one-on-one personal care, while carrying on with their daily routines.

With the support of a caregiver, elderly loved ones can exercise greater control over their daily lives and participate in activities that bring them joy, such as fishing, gardening, and sightseeing.

When is home care the best alternative?

Quality care

Home care is more affordable and offers families greater flexibility. When deciding whether home care is the best alternative for your loved one, it is beneficial to evaluate their care needs. Most seniors benefit from one-on-one care in their own homes as it allows them to stay close to their communities.

Such familiarity offers comfort to aging adults. Caregivers also act as companions, providing seniors with a shoulder to lean on. This allows caregivers and seniors to strengthen their bond.

How does senior home care help?

Seniors with specialized needs benefit greatly from home care. Home caregivers are able to provide personal care and devout their full attention to your loved ones. Elderly folks with cognitive conditions, such as dementia and Alzheimer's, are able to maintain some level of independence with the support of a professional at-home caregiver.

Knowing your elderly loved is with a care professional in the safety of their own home gives families peace of mind. At the same time, it brings a sense of comfort to seniors who've formed great attachments to their community.

We offer affordable and quality home care to seniors in St. Catharines.

How does ConsidraCare's senior care service work?

We personalize care according to your loved one's needs. A care professional will conduct an initial assessment to determine the type of care required, the time commitment, and if any transportation support will be needed. We create a shortlist of caregivers who could best meet your loved one's care needs, and whose personality will compliment theirs the best.

By matching caregivers based on their ability to bond with the client, we can ensure strong relationships of trust are formed between the client and the caregiver. This promotes open communication, ensuring seniors feel comfortable voicing their needs and concerns.

Our care team regularly conducts reviews and makes updates to the care plan based on discussions with the family and caregiver. This allows us to provide the best quality care to seniors in and around St. Catharines.

We have open caregiver positions in and around St. Catharines

At ConsidraCare, we are always looking to expand our team of caregivers. Currently, we have open positions in St. Catherines.

Caregivers may be asked to prepare meals, do some light housekeeping, and help transport patients to and from their appointments. They are responsible for preventing falls and helping seniors stay mobile and active.

We have made our application process simple.

Senior care resources in St. Catharines

280 Dunlop Dr, St. Catharines, ON L2R 1A7

A facility that is accessible and hosts drop-in programs, leisure activities, and social events for older adults. The facility has a capacity of 220 people and is great for exercise activities, social events, and meetings.

19 Brock St, St. Catharines, ON L2N 4T9

A more compact accessible building that hosts social events, meetings, drop-in activities for older adults, and offers general rental spaces.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some services might not be available.

117 Chetwood St, St. Catharines, ON L2S 2B1

An accessible space with drop-in recreation activities for older adults, meeting rooms, areas for social gatherings, and casual rentals. Bingo, painting, euchre, chair yoga, and Zumba gold are all popular activities at the facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard pricing for a 24-hour home care shift at ConsidraCare costs $28.99 excluding HST. You will get a more accurate estimate after speaking to a care coordinator.

A sort of caregiving service known as hourly home care is concentrated on delivering elders in-home care help to enhance their quality of life. People who aren’t quite ready for live-in care or families looking for respite care may benefit from hourly care. Personal care support includes assistance with bathing, grooming, and toileting, as well as housekeeping, meal preparation, and cooking.

If you choose hourly home care, the agency will assign you a live-in caregiver based on your needs.

Seniors who are unable to perform even the most basic self-care tasks would benefit greatly from receiving home care services. Home care is also advantageous for elderly patients who need ongoing attention, supervision, and support due to a chronic illness, accident, or mobility concerns. If your loved one’s care needs are not being addressed, you should think about having a home care assistant for them. Depending on the services you require, you can arrange for a live-in caregiver to come in on an hourly basis or a weekly basis.

The following tasks are supported with a live-in caregiver:

  • Personal care as well as dedicated medical attention
  • Diet and nutrition care
  • Support and companionship
  • Light housekeeping and other routine domestic duties

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