Why is Professional Live-in Care better ?

Seniors receiving live-in care have higher satisfaction levels and better well being compared to temporary care arrangements.

The Facts Speak for Themselves


90% +

of Canadian seniors and 78% of Canadian adults want to age in their homes March of Dimes Canada survey (2021)



growth is projected in the number of Canadians with dementia between 2020 and 2031 “Dementia in Canada” report, Government of Canada (2017)


1 in 3

Canadian seniors admitted to long-term care facilities do not belong there and can be supported with home care Findings from Canadian Institute for Health Information's "Seniors in Transition" report (2017)


90% +

family caregivers in Canada suffer from psychological distress and health consequences under the stress of caring for a loved one March of Dimes Canada survey (2021)


40% +

of Canadians receiving home care have unmet needs related to activities of daily living and social support Statistics Canada, Canadians with Unmet Home Care Needs (2016)



Home care can lead to improved quality of life, reduced hospitalizations, reduced costs and decreased mortality Statistics Canada, Home Care Needs in Canada (2018)

What are the challenges with existing care options ?

Most Canadian seniors prefer to age at home if given the option. Their homes and neighbourhoods are where they raise their families and pets, keep their prized treasures, create memorable experiences, and gather with friends, neighbours and family whenever they want.

A few need a higher level of care and may decide to move into an assisted living facility. However, care homes are not appropriate for every senior and can cause stress, disorientation and disruption to the lives of vulnerable individuals, unless they need advanced medical care which cannot be provided at home.
Part-time caregivers at home are a possible alternative, but may not provide enough support for activities of daily living and complex care needs. If hired through professional caregiver agencies, the cost can be prohibitively high for full-time care and there is no guarantee that the same caregiver will show up for every shift.
Families who hire caregivers directly or through online registries, have to deal with the hassle of background checks, payroll and taxes, and finding backup for caregiver leaves.


Therefore, people seeking full-time often assume there is no alternative to residential care homes. However, professional live-in care in many cases can be a quality and affordable alternative.

assisted living facilities

How is ConsidraCare’s live-in care a better alternative ?

Think of ConsdiraCare’s live-in service as a dedicated and premium assisted living facility, built for your loved one, in your loved one's home.

With ConsidraCare’s live-in service, a professional and matched live-in caregiver stays in the your home, and provides around-the-clock care under the plan developed by us in consultation with your family. The caregiver works on a pre-agreed schedule providing support for activities of daily living and light housekeeping. We also provide backup caregivers, to cover for vacation and any extended leaves for the primary caregiver.

We are not like traditional placement agencies

We do not charge an upfront fee for placement but have a monthly management fee only charged for the days the caregiver is being paid salary for.

We take over the hassle of payroll, tax, WSIB etc. on your behalf.

We stay engaged in the care process through monthly plan updates and providing a platform that keeps the caregivers and families connected.

We provide ongoing support and online training to the caregivers so they know how to deal with even the most complex situations.

Why is ConsidraCare’s live-in care better ?

Can i... Considracare Hourly Agencies Assisted Living Facilities
Stay at my own home ? Yes Yes No
Get one-to-one personalized care ? Yes Yes No
Get support from the same caregiver every day? Yes Maybe No
Keep my pet(s) ? Yes Yes No
Maintain my daily routines ? Yes Yes Maybe
Keep an active social life ? Yes Yes No
Get real time care updates to my family ? Yes Maybe Maybe
Eat what I want ? Yes Maybe No
Estimated monthly cost of dedicated 1:1 care (40 hours per week)* up to $4,700 up to $6,000 up to $9,300

* Based on 8 hours of complex care per day for 5 days a week. Assumes $35 / hour charged by a care agency, and $3,500 / month rent charged by a retirement home (with an agency for dedicated care) from publicly available data

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