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Find the best quality home care for your loved ones in and around Mississauga.

Our caregivers may provide the following services:


Light housekeeping

Help with dressing

Personal hygiene

Meal preparation

Medication reminders

Help with mobility


Emergency response

What home care means for seniors in Mississauga

There is no place like home. Aging seniors in Mississauga want to stay in their communities and close to family and friends.

Older adults often experience feelings of anxiety when moving from their homes into long-term facilities. Rummaging through their possessions and having to decide what to discard can cause seniors great distress.

With ConsidraCare's home care services, seniors can age comfortably in place.

Get the most affordable home care for seniors in Mississauga today.

Why should you choose senior home care in Mississauga?

Home caregivers are able to help seniors complete daily tasks and chores. As certain activities like mowing the lawn or feeding a pet become more difficult, seniors can turn to their caregiver for support.

Seniors are able to continue with their lifestyle by arranging care at home. While long-term care homes may cause disruption to their everyday lives, senior home care enables older adults to resume routine activities. At old age, consistency is important to manage anxiety disorders and depression.

Our caregivers can offer seniors the support they need to retain independence and age in place.

How does home care work?

At ConsidraCare, our caregivers are trained to provide specialized care to seniors in and around Mississauga. Our care experts match clients to caregivers who can best address their care needs, and whose personality would be the best fit. This is done to promote client-caregiver bonding and help establish relationships of trust.

When seniors feel comfortable, they are more likely to voice their frustrations to their caregiver. This allows our care team to make appropriate updates to their care plan, ensuring they receive the care they require when they need it most. We conduct regular reviews with families and caregivers when making changes to clients' care plans.

Looking to become a caregiver in Mississauga?

We are always hiring caregivers in Mississauga to join our team.

Our caregivers are always offered opportunities to advance their skills and pursue further education. We guarantee safe and professional work spaces to our caregivers.

Filing out an application is simple and takes only fifteen minutes.

Senior care resources in Mississauga

1389 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga, ON L5G 4L1

Provides members (aged 55 and up) with a wide range of leisure opportunities to help them maintain a healthy mind and body. The center features a garden café, a library, and a craft room among its many amenities.

377 Burnhamthorpe Rd, Mississauga, ON L5A 3Y1

Provides a wide variety of weekly activities for socializing, recreation, health, and cultural awareness. Aims to improve the health and quality of life of older adults by encouraging them to maintain their current levels of activity, autonomy, and social participation.

1051 Eglinton Ave W Mississauga, ON L5V 2W3

Services and aids for senior citizens, along with people with physical or mental impairments. Allows seniors to continue living independently for as long as possible in their own homes. Services include intervention and support, transportation, and grief counselling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Along with providing professional care, palliative care focuses on offering emotional support to patients who have little time left. The condition and needs of the patients determine the length of palliative care. It could persist for 4-5 months or for 1-2 years. Live-in caregivers offer patients physical and emotional support throughout this time to enhance their quality of life.

There are two different kinds of caregiving services: hourly care and live-in care. Both kinds of services are geared on helping seniors receive in-home care support to enhance their quality of life.

The biggest difference between the two services is the length of time a caregiver will spend with you at home. Additionally, if you choose hourly care, you will pay an hourly rate. Clients who need ongoing live-in care are often charged a set amount.

Seniors who require ongoing support and assistance benefit from live-in care. Clients with fewer care needs can benefit from hourly care. The aid provided may consist of personal care, housekeeping, and meal preparation.

Our live-in caregivers assist with the following tasks:

  • Personal care as well as dedicated medical attention
  • Nutrition care (meal prep, cooking)
  • Support and companionship are provided
  • Light housekeeping and other routine domestic duties

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