ConsidraCare Story

ConsidraCare Story - Vision

To Put Care Back in Caregiving

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ConsidraCare Story - Mission

Canadian seniors deserve quality care within the dignity, independence, comfort and familiarity of their homes as long as possible. But they are not getting it. We are a purpose-driven company committed to inspiring change in the long-term care business by delivering compassionate, individualized and affordable, in-home care for Canadian seniors, while ensuring equity and respect for the caregivers and peace of mind for families.

Why We Exist

Canadians have always been aware of the mistreatment of seniors, the disabled, and the ill. People at their most valuable being treated less than human and taken advantage of, neglected, abused by corporations and systems set up to protect them. We have all seen it and witnessed the harm done to our seniors in care facilities during the COVID-19 crises. But still our seniors are not getting their basic needs met, let alone the care they deserve.

The truth is that we have lost the care in caregiving. We all deserve to be cared for with dignity, integrity, kindness, compassion, and consideration. Consideration for all. Patient, caregiver, family.
That is why we founded ConsidraCare.

ConsidraCare Team

ConsidraCare is a family owned and operated venture, founded by a group of passionate caregivers who have first-hand experience in the helplessness, pain and the extreme physical and emotional stress that comes with dealing with the care needs of a loved one. We know how complicated and daunting it is to trust the care of your family to someone else. We have been there ourselves.

Saba Tauseef, MBBS, MPH, GPA Coach

Cofounder, Care Delivery

Tauseef Riaz, CFA, MBA, B.Eng.

Cofounder, Business Operations

Asif Riaz, MSc Computer Sciences, B.Eng.


Kanica Sharma

Caregiver Management

Asia Meilleur

Marketing & Social Media

The Mashkraft Team

Software and Platform Development

ConsidraCare Approach

We are committed to providing affordable in-home long-term care at a better quality than assisted living facilities while ensuring inclusiveness for those delivering the service and peace of mind for the families. Although we are a placement platform for live-in caregivers who are the direct employees of families, we remain involved in care delivery as long as the caregiver is working for the family. We reduce the hassle for the families by providing the families and caregivers with technology tools and guidance to create a professional care delivery environment in the loved ones home. We also also take care of tasks such as care planning, payroll, taxes and quality assurance so the families can focus on the well being of their loved ones, not administration of their care.

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