Pricing and Plans

ConsidraCare's live-in care pricing and plans are tailored for both simple and complex needs. Our unique model helps us deliver exceptional quality care at well below traditional agency rates.

ConsidraCare's Price Plans

ConsidraCare is committed to providing simple and transparent pricing plans to our customers. Please see the complete breakdown below.

  Basic Care Plan

$ 1,100 / week

Complex Care Plan

$1,160 / week

Caregiver's Duties
Companionship Check Check
Light Housekeeping Check Check
Grocery shopping Check Check



Meal preparation Check Check

Assistance with moving to the bathroom only

Bathing & Grooming

Assistance with set-up only and standby

Mobility and Physical Activity

Assistance with set-up only and standby

Dementia Care/Multiple Sclerosis and similar conditions

Only for the early stages

Help with devices (hoisting, catheter, stoma etc.)   Check
ConsidraCare Services
Caregiver Screening Check Check
Caregiver Background Checks Check Check
Caregiver Matching Check Check
Caregiver Placement Check Check
Backup Caregiver (3-week notice) Check Check
Payroll and Taxes Check Check
WSIB Filing Check Check
Monthly Care Plan Review and Update Check Check
Monthly Quality Reviews with Caregivers Check Check
Caregiving App Check Check
Caregiver Education and Support Check Check
On-demand advice for families 1 hour per month 1 hour per month
Services Cost
Estimated Total Weekly Cost $1,100 / week $1,160 / week
Gross Caregiver wage (recommended) * $800
($20/hour, 40 hours/week)
($21/hour, 40 hours/week)
Vacation Pay (4%) $32 $34
CPP $49 $51
EI $20 $21
WSIB $12 $14
ConsidraCare's Fee (20% of wage, 15% of total) $166 $176
HST/GST $21 $24

* As the caregivers will be your employees, you are free to agree on an hourly rate with them. However, we recommend an hourly wage of $20 / hour for basic care and $21/hour for the complex care plan. This includes boarding in a separate private room and meals. These recommended wages are competitive and based on extensive market research and benchmarks.

Live-in care can be more affordable than you think

Frequently Asked Questions

We look for caregivers with at least one year of professional caregiving experience and related certification such as Personal Support Workers, Health Care Aids, Social Support Worker, Nursing etc. 

All caregivers go through a four-step screening process that covers skills, experience and personality before we recommend them to you for placement. We also do vulnerability/police checks and require at least two references before adding a caregiver to our pool.

Lastly, we make sure that all caregivers have up-to-date vaccination records including COVID-19. All caregivers go through an exhaustive onboarding process and have access to our advanced knowledge base and training to freshen up or upgrade their caregiving skills. Please refer to our care standards page to see what you can expect from us and our caregivers

Clients are required to provide their bank details at the time of placement. We will automatically deduct the caregiver’s wage, CPP , EI and WSIB deductions,  and ConsidraCare’s fee from your bank account on a biweekly basis. You will be emailed the payslip and an invoice for ConsidraCare’s services so you know the breakdown of the deduction from your bank account.

There is no minimum commitment. However, the first week is a trial week and if you decide to change the caregiver within the first week, you will still need to pay the caregiver for a week’s wage.

You will need extra occupant insurance which may already be included in your home insurance or is available for a minimum additional charge. Please check with your home insurance company for this. In addition, you will need to have WSIB insurance to cover any work-related injuries for the caregiver. We will take care of this on your behalf.

We do extensive screening and background checks on the caregivers, match them to your requirements and you have to interview them before hiring. However, if you decide to change them for any reason, ConsidraCare will find you a replacement caregiver at no extra charge. Please note that there is still a minimum one-week trial period as it may take a few days for the caregiver and families to get comfortable with each other. The one-week trial does not apply to backup caregivers.

Caregiver’s terminations are subject to Ontario law which normally requires a notice of weeks equal to the number of years a caregiver has been employed by you (e.g. 1 week notice in the first year, 2 weeks notice in the second year and so on).

You are required to provide a separate and private room to the live-in caregiver. You can either agree with the caregiver to share meals and groceries with the loved one or pay the caregiver separately an allowance for grocery and meals at $2.55 per meal. Rooms and meals count as non-cash, taxable benefits and both the employer and employees have to pay taxes on them. Don’t worry. We will take care of these calculations.

We recommend that a taxi or a ridesharing service should be used for this and you reimburse the caregiver on the presentation of an invoice for any transportation. However, if needed, we can arrange for a live-in caregiver with a valid driver’s license, insurance and car for this. 

We can arrange for a backup live-in caregiver to cover for the primary caregiver as long as we get a 3 weeks notice and the backup caregiver is required for a week or more. For short notices or for emergency backup for a short period of time, we can recommend an hourly agency to provide a shift caregiver. The caregiver app (with the care plan and daily tasks)  can be made available to a backup caregiver if the family decides to arrange for the backup caregiver on its own, so that there is no disruption.

Our app can automatically generate timesheets based on the weekly hours agreed with the caregiver and email them to you. We will send you an automatic email before each payroll run to confirm hours and  you will have 48 hours to request a modification. Otherwise, the timesheet will be automatically approved and we can make any adjustments in the next pay cycle.

You can agree to any daily work schedule with the caregiver as long as it is within the Ontario government guidelines for continuous working hours, mandatory breaks and overtime limits. We will help you capture all of these details in the employment agreement with the caregiver and make sure that the caregiver payments follow the terms in the agreement. Please refer to this link for up to date guidance under Ontario law for overtime and work hours and breaks:

Under Ontario law, caregivers are entitled to overtime if they work on statutory holidays or for over 48 hours a week or an agreed maximum. The overtime salary is 1.5 times the base salary. Don’t worry. We will automatically calculate overtime payment based on the caregiver timesheets. Please refer to this link for up to date guidance under Ontario law for overtime and work hours and breaks:

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