Live-in Care Vs Live-out Care: How can ConsidraCare Help?

As seniors age, they may require professional care. Many options are available for families for both facilities-based and in-home care, including live-in and live-out care for their loved ones. We explore the various care options available to families for the care of their loved ones.

How can Seniors Manage Cholesterol ?

Poor diet and lack of exercise, in addition to other factors such as genetics, can cause high cholesterol in seniors, which can lead to many chronic problems. In this article, we share a few tips on caring for seniors with high cholesterol.

How can Seniors Maintain Health in Old Age ?

Maintaining health in old age requires a focus on both physical and mental wellbeing through activities such as socialization, meditation, avoiding depression, exercising regularly, eating healthy, getting proper sleep and engaging regularly with the physicians. In this article, we explore strategies for healthy aging for seniors.

Top 5 Caregiver Wellness Tips

Caregivers must take care of themselves before they can provide good care to seniors. Caregivers face emotional and physical stresses regularly which can adversely affect their mood, cognition and health. We share the top recommendations from experts for caregivers to take better care of themselves.

How to Reduce Infection Risks for Seniors

Infections can be deadly for seniors, as they can get infected easily. Maintaining proper cleanliness, hygiene practices and infection control measures in the home will reduce the chances of seniors and caregivers falling sick. We share some universal infection control measures that need to be practiced by caregivers.

How to Care for Seniors with Vision Problems

Vision loss is a part and parcel of aging and can be accentuated by disease. It can severely impact a senior’s quality of life and increase falls and other risks. We share a few caregiving tips on how to care for seniors with poor vision.

When should Seniors Stop Driving?

Age-related conditions can make it difficult and even dangerous for seniors to drive. However, giving up driving can be traumatic for seniors. Families need to watch out for the signs which indicate it is time for a loved one to stop driving. We share some tips on how to identify when it is time for a senior to stop driving, how to convince them to stop driving and the alternatives available to them to maintain their independence.

Why is Live-in Care Safer than Senior Care Homes during COVID-19?

Aging in a care home or a long-term care facility may not be the best and safest alternative for seniors, especially during COVID-19. In-home care can minimize infection and safety risks for seniors and helps them age safely, independently and comfortably in familiar surroundings. Live-in care is a superior form of home care and offers the best and safest quality of care for seniors.

How to Manage and Care for Seniors with Heart Diseases

Seniors suffering from heart disease can find it daunting to cope with it. Often the families struggle with their loved one’s care. Understanding the disease, having a coping strategy in place and maintaining a disciplined, healthy and low-stress lifestyle is critical. We share a few tips on caring for seniors with heart diseases.

Caring for Clients with Cancer

Cancer is prevalent among Canadian seniors and requires complex care from knowledgeable caregivers. Caregivers should educate themselves about cancer care and make sure that they are helping their clients manage the physical and mental toll of both the disease and medication. We share a few tips.

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