8 Free Online Brain Games for Seniors

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8 Free Online Brain Games for Seniors
There are various online platforms that offer free brain stimulating games for seniors. Such games allow seniors to build on and improve their cognitive health by encouraging them to solve complicated puzzles. We list some of the most popular online games for seniors.

The brain ages naturally, just like the rest of the body. Seniors can challenge their brains through stimulating exercises to improve cognitive health. Online games are accessible, pleasant, and intellectually stimulating, which is beneficial for brain health.

Playing online games provides a variety of challenges for the ageing brain. Seniors can play online brain games every day, and many may already be doing so. Brain games include things like word searches and crossword puzzles. A senior just needs to have access to the Internet to begin challenging their brain.

It’s possible that older people prefer playing online games on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The game of choice ought to be challenging but not too difficult. A difficult game may be too tough for someone with dementia to play. Begin with the basics and work your way up.

Prior to playing, be aware that certain online games require a monthly subscription. These paid games include extras like assistance and personalized training programs. Seniors are also advised to select engaging games rather than ones that appear boring to them.

Most popular online games for seniors

1) Jigsaw puzzles

By tackling difficult jigsaw puzzles, seniors can kill time while having fun and exercising their minds. Jigsaw puzzles are no longer only for the table. Seniors can complete online crossword puzzles.

Elderly folks can improve their cognitive skills by completing a jigsaw puzzle on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone device. Studies indicate that seniors’ visual perception and recognition abilities improve as they put the puzzles together.

2) Treasure Search

Online games like Treasure Hunt can help seniors remember things better. For older citizens who enjoy travelling, this pirate-themed game is perfect. Seniors who correctly identify the items that can be found in each of the pirate ship’s chambers earn virtual gold coins.

3) Everyday Word Search

The Daily Word Search online game now includes daily word puzzles. Because seniors can choose to play at the beginner or advanced levels, the game is suitable for players of every skill level. Seniors can access the standard word search for free online.

4) Checkers

Checkers is a classic game that may be played online as well. Since all the pieces are the same, the game takes less strategic consideration. Nevertheless, checker players need to strategize and anticipate what their adversary will do next. Seniors can choose from a range of difficulty levels.

5) Solitaire

The top list of online games for seniors would be incomplete without Solitaire, which is regarded by some as the most popular Internet card game. Seniors who play solitaire improve their ability to recognize patterns. This improves memory and helps older adults mitigate the effects of cognitive decline.

6) Mahjong

Seniors’ mental health and feelings of loneliness are improved by playing online games like Mahjong, which is a straightforward tile-matching game.  The AARP offers a selection of Mahjong games online. Seniors can select any of the 10 online games that best suit their individual interests.

Some of the Mahjong variants provided by AARP are Mahjong Solitaire, Mahjong: Age of Alchemy, Mahjong Dark Dimensions, Mahjong Toy Chest – Classic Edition, and Holiday Mahjong Dimensions. On the AARP website where the games are played, the top scores attained by players are shown, adding a competitive element!

Mahjong may be helpful for dementia patients. Players improve their ability to calculate, plan, and memorize. The ability to think is enhanced. As they play Mahjong, seniors often get better at remembering and finding things.

7) Scrabble

Scrabble is ideal for seniors who appreciate a word challenge. Older players combine letters to form words using their brains. Seniors are able to compete with competitors from around the globe. Seniors are encouraged to track their scores intelligently. Scrabble may be played for free on websites like Pogo.

8) Chess

Chess is another intriguing online game that is well-known. The game provides seniors something new each time they play: it could be short or long, easy or difficult. Seniors who play chess with masters of the game or compete against novices are also building companionships.

Seniors use both sides of their brains to undertake critical analysis and chess strategy, which strengthens both short and long-term memory.

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