Affordable Live-in Care for Seniors

Live in care is an increasingly popular alternative to assisted living facilities for Canadians who want to age in the comfort of their homes. Clients can get most services they expect from assisted living facilities, but with the benefits of dedicated one-on-one personal care and the independence to eat, sleep, have family visits, watch TV and do other activities on their own schedule.

How do we match you with the right ConsidraCare live-in caregiver?

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1. Needs assessment

We first work with families to identify their elderly care needs and build a detailed senior care plan for their loved ones

Intelligent live-in caregivers canada

2. Intelligent caregiver matching

We then use our platform to find the best matched live-in caregivers from our pool of pre-screened and approved caregivers based on the loved ones' specific needs and personality and help arrange the interviews with the caregivers short-listed by families.

ConsidraCare Hiring and trial period caregivers

3. Hiring

Once a family has decided to employ a live-in caregiver, we assist with the logistics of drafting the contract, orienting the ConsidraCare live-in caregiver and setting up accounts for CRA, WSIB and payroll processing. The first week is designed to allow the families and the caregiver to get comfortable with each other before building a long-term partnership.

ConsidraCare Ongoing care management

4. Ongoing elderly care services and management

We engage with the families and the live-in caregivers monthly to review and update the senior care plans and the daily tasks lists for the live-in caregivers from our central command center.
Families use the ConsidraCare client portal, and the caregivers use the ConsidraCare caregiver app to coordinate the senior care plan, daily tasks and timesheets. We take care of payroll, update care plans, monitor care delivery and assist the live-in caregivers and families with addressing any issues.

Hiring and trial period caregivers

5. Replacement of caregivers

With time the care needs of a person may change and the caregiver may not be the best match. Should the live-in caregiver decide to leave, or the family needs to replace the caregiver, ConsidraCare finds a new caregiver which matches their elderly care needs requirements.

Backup and respite for the caregiver

6. Backup and respite for the caregiver

Should the primary live-in caregiver need a respite break or a vacation, we arrange for a backup caregiver for such pre-planned breaks.

Payroll and management fee deduction

7. Payroll and management fee deduction

We deduct our management fee at the same time we deduct the caregiver wages from our clients' bank accounts on a biweekly basis. Our management fee is 20% of the gross caregiver wage, which amounts to around 15% of your total caregiving costs. We only charge fees when your caregivers are paid. There are upfront or retainer charges.
All care plans, invoices, timesheets, payslips and tax forms are made available to the families in a single convenient place through the ConsidraCare client portal.

Get high-quality and affordable live-in care services for your loved one

What are some of the live-in care responsibilities?

Support for getting ready for the day

Support for getting ready for the day

This includes all the activities needed to get ready for the day such as going to the washroom, washing, brushing teeth, grooming, shower assistance and changing clothes. It also includes help with putting on dentures, hearing aids, glasses and fall risk necklaces/bracelets provided. The caregiver is given training for these tasks.

Meal preparation and planning caregivers

Meal preparation and planning

Meal preparation includes all tasks beginning from creating the grocery list, meal planning and grocery shopping to meal preparation and serving meals to your loved ones. The caregivers will also assist in feeding if needed.

Support for Toileting caregivers

Support for Toileting

This includes assistance in going in and out of the toilet and providing activities of hygiene. This can also include advanced care such as incontinence care.

Assistance with mobility caregivers

Assistance with mobility

This includes, but is not limited to, providing support for walking and using mobility aids such as canes, walkers and wheelchairs. Live-in caregivers will also ensure that these items are within reach of the clients to reduce fall risk.

Medication Reminders caregivers

Medication Reminders

This includes reminders to take medications and assistance with taking them according to doctors' instructions. We encourage families to arrange for blister packs from their pharmacies to ensure proper dosage of medications according to doctors' instructions.

Support in getting ready for night and night care

Support in getting ready for night and night care

Night care includes assistance with changing clothes, brushing teeth, taking away dentures, hearing aids, making the bed and other activities to get ready for bed. Night care also means help with going to the bathroom. Should your loved one wake up and require assistance at night, the caregivers can assist up to 2 times, with each activity lasting up to 15 minutes. If more assistance is required every night, it should be agreed upon between the live in caregiver and the family at the time of placement.

Companionship and Engaging Activities

Companionship and Engaging Activities

This includes companionship and engaging in activities that promote happiness for the person who is being cared for. This also includes encouraging and providing support for social activities.

Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

This includes light cleaning and keeping the house tidy to promote hygiene, safety and health of the occupants. This can also include doing the laundry and folding of the clothes for the loved one.

Event Planning caregivers

Event Planning

This includes keeping track important dates, planning doctor appointments and organizing social events.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you have live-in home care, it means that you have hired a live-in caregiver. That live-in caregiver is fully equipped to provide assistance to the elderly in their own home. Our live-in caregivers assist with the following tasks:

  • personal care as well as dedicated medical attention (see services)
  • the requirements of diet and nutrition care
  • support and companionship are provided
  • maintenance of the house and other routine domestic duties

There are a number of companies offering live-in care in Canada, but their services come at a very high price. At ConsidraCare, we aim to provide senior home care services that are affordable without compromising on quality. We have a number of pricing and plans available that can be modified according to the seniors’ needs.

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