Incontinence Care

Our trained caregivers are experienced in providing professional incontinence care for the elderly via our at-home care services

What is adult incontinence?

Incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine or bowel movements.


More than
20% of Canadian seniors

suffer from incontinence

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Individuals with incontinence
are 50% more likely to

experience loneliness

Early warning signs

What are the early warning signs of adult incontinence?

What is the impact of incontinence on quality of life?

Incontinence can become a very bothersome and embarrassing problem for those affected. Often, it negatively impacts the mood. If the condition continues to progress without adequate care, those affected may experience feelings of isolation, dependency and rejection.

Impact on Quality of Life

Top caregiver do's for incontinence care

Top caregiver don'ts for incontinence care

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