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Caring for the Elderly Blog

Tooth decay and oral bacterial infections are more common among seniors due to underlying health conditions. Yet, there are preventative measures older adults can take to maintain good oral health. We outline a few best dental health practices for seniors.
While old age can make outdoor activities more difficult, seniors can still have fun with the help of a caregiver. With extra support, seniors can engage in fun summer activities like fishing, canoeing, and visiting preservation sites. We share a few fun activities for caregivers and seniors to make the most of summer.
Seniors are prone to heat strokes as their bodies are unable to effectively regulate temperature. Caregivers can ensure seniors are taking the appropriate precautions when going out on extremely hot and humid days. We share a few tips to help seniors keep cool during the summer.
Seniors value their independence and can become frustrated when they are no longer able to complete tasks on their own. Caregivers can help aging adults retain some level of autonomy in their lives, while offering peace of mind to concerned family and friends.
Studies suggest companionship boosts health at old age and reduces the risk of developing serious cardiovascular and neurological conditions. While maintaining friendships can be difficult for seniors, we outline the importance of creating a strong social network at old age.
Older adults are more susceptible to falls and can sustain serious injuries from lack of supports. Fall-proofing your loved ones' home can prevent them from sustaining serious fall-related injuries. We outline a few quick tips families can implement to adequately fall proof a senior's home.
Aging adults may feel uncertain about their future. Poor financial planning, deteriorating health, and lack of companionship are some of the most common fears of aging adults. We consider such concerns in depth and offer tips to help families talk to their loved ones about their fears of aging.
Canada's Seniors' Home Safety Tax Credit allows families to make homes safer for their aging loved ones. This would grant older adults the ability to stay in their homes longer and in close proximity to loved ones. We review the criteria for the tax credit and help determine eligibility.
Seniors with diabetes may not feel infections and discomfort in their feet, leading to serious foot-related diseases. Maintaining a foot care routine can reduce the likelihood of developing feet conditions and preserve senior mobility. We consider a few tips to help seniors and their families create a foot care plan.

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